Personal retreat

Meditation on beach 7

For those who would like to experience a deeper connection with the stillness in and around them, the Quinta is an ideal place for a personal retreat.

We, Jane and Look, are practitioners in the tradition of Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and we are committed to living a mindful life and sharing that with others.  

At the Quinta, you can design your own retreat. The surroundings invite rising with the song of the birds, taking mindful walks along country trails and just stopping to breathe, bringing your awareness to the wonders of the present moment.

To support your process, the Mongolian yurt is available for your use. Meditation mats and cushions, and yoga mats are available. You are also welcome to participate in weekly sitting meditation sessions on Friday mornings, and Afternoons of Mindfulness and walking meditations with the Almond Blossom Sangha (see: 

There is a selection of books, CD’s and DVD’s by Thich Nhat Hanh and other spiritual teachers, as well as magazines related to the practice of Mindfulness that you are free to enjoy. We can also offer instruction in Qi Gong Stick Exercise, a wonderful daily practice for promoting flexibility, good circulation and good health.